[RIV-I] Ákos Garai – The Imagined River

Audio mini-CDr [fe14]

First issue of the forth season of “La Riviere” CD series, « The Imagined River » by Ákos Garai is a new work from, and inspired by the series of recordings made around the Taurion Valley.


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Ákos Garai

Ákos GaraiÁkos Garai (born 1974, Hungary) is a sound artist, field recordist and label curator based in Hungary. Sound works created by him are primarily characterized by a set of subtle editing, time-manipulation and other compositional techniques. These “micro–moving–structures” are often the starting points in his works.

Garai’s music has been released by labels like trente oiseaux, mAtter, Gruenrekorder, White Line Editions, Impulsive Habitat and 3LEAVES.