Bruno Moreigne – Locus Niger

Audio CD [ma04]

” La musique c’est du bruit qui pense .” Victor Hugo
Postulat : les lieux ont une mémoire vibratoire accessible à ” fort grossissement acoustique “. Mais si les lieux ont une mémoire sonore, pourquoi les sons eux-mêmes n’en auraient-ils pas une ? Comment résoudre cette énigme ?
Bruno Moreigne a enregistré la signature sonore ( silences et bruits résiduels ) de sites remarquables, imprégnés par leur histoire ( Gergovie, la place Tien Anmen, les environs du Chemin des Dames pendant l’éclipse de soleil du 11 août 1999, Tchernobyl, Oradour, le World Trade Center…). Cette exploration part à la recherche de sons cachés, occultes ou fantômes. Quelle est leur signification ? Que veulent-ils nous dire ?
Bruno Moreigne : docteur en gériatrie ; premier magnétophone en 1975 ; membre fondateur d’une radio libre ; reportages et diffusions radio ; bandes sons pour pièces de théâtre ; créations sonores pour Radio France.

Places have a vibratory memory accessible to “strong acoustic enlargement”. But if the places have a sound memory, why wouldn’t the sounds themselves have one of them? How to solve this enigma?
Bruno Moreigne recorded the sound signatures (residual silences and noises) of remarkable sites, impregnated by their history (Gergovie, the place Tien Anmen, surroundings of the Chemin des Dames during the sun eclipse of August 11, 1999, Tchernobyl, Oradour, World Trade Center…). This exploration leaves to hidden research, occult or phantom sounds. What do they want to say to us?


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CD tracklisting

  1. Plage 01 : SILEO
  2. Plage 02 : brut
  3. Plage 03 : GERGOVIE
  4. Plage 04 : brut
  5. Plage 05 : TIEN ANMEN
  6. Plage 06 : brut
  7. Plage 07 : 11 AOUT 1999 12h28
  8. Plage 08 : brut
  9. Plage 09 : TCHERNOBYL
  10. Plage 10 : brut
  11. Plage 11 : ORADOUR
  12. Plage 12 : brut
  13. Plage 13 : 10048 WTC
  14. Plage 14 : brut




Bruno moreigne’s kaon disc, locus niger, is an interesting exercise in minimal sourcing – his heavily treated works from virtually silent ambient geographical recordings (ranging from sources such as tien anmen square to the world trade centre pre-9/11, to various historical sites throughout the french countryside) led me to believe before reading the liner notes that the disc might be entirely comprised of synthetic sound. post-reading, however, the traces of weather patterns, bird and insect song, etc, do begin to reveal themselves…
A CD about historical places, places where the history was made and changed. Bruno Moreigne went to those places and recorded sounds there and worked with the sound material in his studio. Places that may have no meaning to us anymore, like the monument of the victory against Julius Ceasar in 52 BC, but also the Tiet An Man square, Tchernobil and the World Trade Center. Current history, hopefully carved into our memory. All of these places are surrounded by war and death, except maybe the piece dealing with the solar eclipse of 1999. Although the starting point of this CD is a good one, I must say the execution is not always ok. Many of the pieces sound interchangeable, too many similar processes take place and some of the pieces are too long, I think. A kind of uniform sound arises as a total, but they are presented as different pieces. It doesn’t add much strength to the release, which is a pity. It starts out austere and strong, but after a while one starts to think that the same trick is repeated. Maybe if things were a bit shorter and were more along the lines of the opening piece or added more spoken word as in ‘Tchernobyl’, the release would have been really worthwhile.
Fdw in VITAL WEEKLY number 429