[RII-VI ] Pierre Juillard – Aquifère

Audio mini-CDr [de11]

Sixth issue of the second season of “La Rivière” CD series, “Aquifère” by Pierre Juillard  is a new work from, and inspired by the series of recordings made around the Taurion Valley .

Photographs by Yves Lapeyre



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Pierre Juillard

Pierre JuillardA geographer by training, Pierre Juillard worked for 15 years as an engineer in ecology, in organizations and associations for the protection of nature. He is also a “audionaturaliste”.
He lives and works in Burgundy, and studied electroacoustic composition with Jean-Marc Weber at Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Chalon-sur-Saône.
His work is at the border between phonography, acousmatic music and ambient electronic music.

“Aquifer” is part of a cycle of pieces on the theme of the 4 elements. The first part, devoted to the wind, could be found on the site of the Namblard brothers : http://www.promeneursecoutant.fr