[RII-I] Bruno Moreigne – Drop collisions near 45°47’12N / 2°02’07E

Audio mini-CDr [fe11]

First issue of the second season of “La Rivière” CD series, “Drop collision near 45 ° 47’12N / 2 ° 02’07E” by Bruno Moreigne is a new work from, and inspired by the series of recordings made around the Taurion Valley .
Composed solely with the sound from the source of the Taurion River (Creuse, France) until its ultimate decomposition fragments, to extreme harmonic frequencies by Fourier’s theorem, without any additional sound.
A flow emerging from the source, added the geological context of the Plateau Millevaches composed of granite older: 350 to 400 million years. Here, prior to erosion, there are several million years the Massif-Central was like a Himalayan mountain.
Photographs by Yves Lapeyre.



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Bruno Moreigne

Bruno MoreigneBruno Moreigne, geriatrician and “sound hunter”, has already published on kaon the “Bruits, sons, paroles et silences de la forêt” (Sounds, sounds, words and silences of the forest) (1997) and “Locus Niger” (2004) CDs and the cassette “Flapping tremor” (1996) .
Works for Radio France, Radio France Creuse; prizes: prix Chasseurs de Sons / CIMES / France Musique, prix du Centre d’Etude Pierre SCHAEFFER, prix du Comité d’Histoire de la Radio, prix du musée de Radio France; many sound creations for theater companies (Les Locataires, Nuit Blanche, Les Yeux Gourmands).