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Hitoshi Kojo

Hitoshi KojoHitoshi Kojo is a Japanese artist who currently lives in Switzerland.
He has been working with multiple media – music composition, installation, performance, painting, sculpture, video, photo and those mixtures.
The extensive activities are based on his animistic sensitivity that all the matters and the spaces have their own memories.
Touching the objects, Talking to animals and plants, Resonating with the atmosphere in the space. Such daily activities since the childhood are the basis of his works.
Some of his sound recordings has been released as Spiracle as well as his real name, from experimental music labels such as Kaon, Taâlem, Drone Records, Mystery Sea, Helen Scarsdale Agency, Alluvial Recordings, etc.





Cédric Peyronnet / toy.bizarre / ingeos

Cédric PeyronnetCédric Peyronnet  is a sound artist working since the ’90 around phonography (Field recordings, “sound hunting”…), soundscapes, using the principles of concrete, acousmatic, electroacoustic music. His work, whose main theme is the exploration of places by sound recording, listening and sound sculpting, take form of compositions and sound pieces, concerts, sound screenings and sound installations. His works on soundscapes led him to practice “sound mapping” and implement daily the principles of acoustic ecology. On that part, he is also working from time to time in schools around our “sound environment” and the importance of the ear.