[RI-III] Marc Namblard – Gisements (1)

Audio mini-CDr [ju10]

Third issue of the CD series « La Rivière », « Gisements (1) by Marc Namblard is a new work from and inspired by the series of recordings made around the Valley Taurion.

Photographs by Yves Lapeyre

Marc Namblard

Marc NamblardBorn in 1973 in Paris.
Lives in Loiret until the age of 19 years and then moved to Lorraine, the Vosges, to pursue his studies at the Beaux-Arts d’Epinal (now renamed Ecole Superieure d’Art d’Epinal).
Gets the DNSEP (Higher National Diploma in Plastic Expression) in June 2000.
Since then, still lives and works in Lorraine as an educator in the field of environment, « audionaturaliste » and sound artist.


in vital weekly
Just what ‘prises de sons’ means I don’t know, but my best guess would be that that it means gathering of sounds, which was done by Cedric Peyronnet and Marc Namblard. He has a CD ‘Chants Of Frozen Lakes’ (reviewed in Vital Weekly 624), and then was never heard of again, by me that is. Here the two men recorded sounds from Vallee du Taurion, and Namblard is responsible for editing the sounds into a piece of music. He does that with great care and lots of help from the computer. The frequencies are all pushed up to the limit, and all sorts of plug-ins are used to make a lively piece of soundscaping. Namblard uses the tactic of collage, which is means there are sudden shifts and changes in the material, which add a great vibrant thing to the music. At times we recognize the field recordings, water, insects, rain, and at other times there is a lot to guess about it. A great, refined piece of music, highly dramatic and very lively. Excellent. (FdW)